Art Submissions

To be considered to have your artwork selected by our curation team and be displayed on Artlyst, you will first need to be registered. Register Here

Once registered you will be able to submit your artwork for consideration by completing a form accessible under the 'My Curated Artwork' link visible as soon as you sign in.

Get featured! Be discovered!

Your own personal art gallery, at the touch of a button! What could be more proactive! Each week, artists from all over the world express an interest in Artlyst. Inevitably, only a very small proportion of artists will make it through our selection process. The Artlyst team has a structured procedure which selects exceptional talent from all visual art practices. Even though the competition is high, on average one or sometimes two artists per week are selected.

What we are looking for

We are looking for professional quality work in all disciplines and mediums. We do not accept Fantasy Painting, Sunday Painting, Glamour Art, Manga, Amateur Art, or Commercial Art.


All work must be original and not copied. Do have a look at the work on Artlyst that has already been selected. This will give you a better idea of our criteria.

Who should apply

We are looking for professional quality work by trained artists. We also accept some self-trained applicants.

Our vetting procedure is uncompromised and the competition is fierce. As mentioned earlier, on average, only one or two artists are selected each week. We do however want to offer opportunities to as many emerging artists as possible, but the reality is that Artlyst is not able to accept everyone and many just don’t fit into our vision. We are equally disappointed at having to reject applicants for Artlyst's gallery area.

If Artlyst is not the right option for you, please look here for some useful Links of interest

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